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Professional Mermaids

Invite our REAL professional mermaids to your Nashville mermaid birthday party or pool party event! Our mermaids are beautiful inside and out, who truly enjoy making birthdays special! Can you imagine your child’s reaction when a REAL mermaid is swimming in their pool!?

Nashville Tennessee Mermaid Party

Swimming Mermaid Birthday Party Package $299

This package includes our beautiful mermaid character with her natural hair and colorful tail who appears magically in your pool waiting to swim with your child and their guests. Our mermaid will take photos, play games with prizes from her treasure chest and swim with the kids. She is accompanied by an assistant to facilitate arrival/departure and ensure her safety in the water.

Princess Mermaid Birthday Party Package$399 *MOST POPULAR*

Our most popular PRINCESS mermaid package includes TWO mermaids.  Our Ariel inspired Little Mermaid will sit pool side (not getting wet above her waist) as she reads a story, takes pictures with guests, plays pool themed games complete with prizes from her treasure chest and blows bubbles. Our original mermaid in her natural hair and colorful tail will swim for the full 60 minutes with guests playing games, having mermaid races and helping our Little Mermaid with her schedule of activities.

Our mermaid visit requires special accommodations for arrival and departure. The water must be 80 degrees or warmer. Our mermaids do not accept responsibility for the safety of the children while in the pool. Our mermaids can swim in in-ground pools ONLY, no above ground pools. A princess assistant accompanies our mermaids to all party events. Available May through August ONLY. In the event of bad weather, our mermaids be prepared to continue activities indoors, seated in their tails. 

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