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Princess Party Characters

Girly-Girl Partea’s provides Nashville Princess Party characters and planning services to help make your daughter’s birthday SPECTACULAR. We understand that the appearance and quality of our costumes, as well as the performance of our talented staff, is key in the development of a realistic “character experience”. Our costumes are hand-picked, crafted and designed to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind look. You may choose any one of our characters with the assurance that you are getting a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on all your birthday party guests!

ALL princess party VISITS INCLUDE:

  • Grand Entrance: The character of your choice will make an exciting entrance into the party, while focusing on the birthday child. Make sure to have your cameras ready!
  • Birthday Gift: Every character visit comes complete with a birthday gift, chosen specifically with your child in mind.
  • Photo Opportunities: Make sure you take lots of photos to remember this magical day! With time permitting, the character will take individual photos with each guest and a group picture to help commemorate your child’s special day!
  • Character Themed Activity: Storytime for our princesses and an interactive combat class for our superheroes, be prepared for an engaging activity your little one won’t soon forget!
  • Birthday Ceremony: Your character will lead guests in singing Happy Birthday and cake presentation with your child. Make sure to have your cameras ready!


Parties and visits are NOT to be planned outdoors. If a performer arrives and activities are planned outside, the performer will politely ask to move indoors. Failure to accommodate will result in immediate cancellation of the party, without refund. The costumes are very hot and could be potentially life threatening in warm weather. Read through our Policies page! Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information or email us.

Nashville Princess Party Corporate Events


Our characters have drawn a crowd of 1,000+! If you are looking for a way to create buzz for your business, hire your favorite character(s) for your next grand opening, fundraiser, promotional sale or family-themed event. Appearances provide a meet and greet opportunity for your customers to interact and take pictures with our characters. No additional activities are provided, but may be quoted for an additional fee. If you have a non profit or charity event, please email us to inquire about availability for free services.

PROMOTIONAL EVENT POLICIES: Clients are responsible for line organization and control. Girly-Girl Partea’s Inc reserves the right to hand out business cards to anyone who expresses interest. Girly-Girl Partea’s also reserves the right to post pictures and to publicize the event (if open to the public) on its website and/or social accounts. Characters must be provided with a break and water halfway through the event. Masked characters will be played by multiple performers to prevent dehydration and must be provided with a private changing area. Promotional pricing is available for corporate/charity events ONLY, not for personal parties.

Nashville Princess Party


Many people might say that it’s easy to entertain children. While anyone can put on a costume, it takes a great deal to execute a believable performance. Our staff strives to create lasting memories for your child and their guests. Our Nashville princess party performers are trained to provide an authentic performance. We are very selective with our performers and ensure that they are beautiful (inside and out), talented and love children. Our cast members undergo nearly a month of training sessions to ensure that they are prepared. Many of our cast members have professional acting and vocal accolades, with extensive backgrounds in performance. We only select the best to provide you with the highest Nashville Princess Party entertainment possible.

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