Sleeping Beauty Aurora Inspired Princess Party

Amazing! They think of everything! My daughter and her friends were speechless when Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel walked into the house. Never breaking character once the girls were having so much fun! I would suggest Girly-Girl Partea’s to anyone with a girlie girl because she will love every second of it! -Erica

The story of the Sleeping Beauty as told by both Charles Perrault in 1697 and the Brothers Grimm in 1837, is a tale of good triumphing over evil against all odds. When the young princess, Briar Rose, is placed under a terrible curse by an evil fairy, she and her entire kingdom fall into a deep sleep. Fated to remain asleep for all eternity, Briar Rose remains in her castle tower for 100 years. Investigating stories of a beautiful princess in a forgotten kingdom, a handsome Prince discovers her sleeping and awakens Briar Rose with a kiss of true love. Sleeping Beauty can attend your party in her classic pink ball gown or in her Briar Rose dress.

Girly-Girl Partea’s specializes in themed kids birthday party and event planning, providing the most authentic and beautiful Aurora Inspired Sleeping Beauty Princess Party in the area! We offer fully customized birthday party packages for children of all ages. Every party is designed specifically with our client’s vision in mind. Why throw a cookie cutter? Your child is special and their party should be too! We’ll provide you with a Pinterest styled, brag worth party that’s sure to leave your guests talking!


We’ve celebrated over 1,000 birthdays since our inception in 2008. We have a true passion for making kids smile and creating lasting memories for you and your child. As a leader in birthday party entertainment, we have beautiful princess and mermaid characters available for hire. Contact us today to make your party SPECTACULAR!


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