North Pole Breakfast Inspired by Elf on the Shelf

This breakfast themed party started with mini-manicures, glitter tattoos and a fun Christmas ornament craft. Shortly after, our surprise guests arrived, Elves from the North Pole! Joy and Jingle brought a special gift for the birthday girl and sat down to read a Christmas story.

All guests were then served breakfast themed foods including hot chocolate, cereal, mini pancakes, fresh cut fruit and powdered donuts. After brunch was served, our elves passed out blank sheets of paper and pencils so each guest could write a letter of last minute requests to Santa.

All guests then enjoyed decorating yummy sugar cookies and took pictures with the elves before they had to depart for last minute Christmas preparations. What a fun way to celebrate the holidays and a birthday all in one party!

TMNT Ninja Turtle Themed Party

Cowabunga dudes! What an awesome, GIRLY Ninja Turtle themed party! We had so much fun planning this one. Guests made green slime (ooze), received glitter tattoos and mini manicures while they waited for the ‘special guest’ to arrive.

Everyone sat down for pizza (what else?!) and yummy snacks, when our own Mikey inspired Orange Fighting Turtle walked in. He brought a special, custom made necklace for the birthday girl. After singing happy birthday, all guests went for ‘ninja lessons’ with their own set of nunchucks. Our turtle taught them basic fighting moves and nunchuck skills and then they displayed what they learned by putting it to music.

The party wrapped up with a ton of pictures! Such a different and fun party to plan!