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Why Choose Girly-Girl Partea’s

We are the leading provider of kids birthday party planning and entertainment. We’re different from the other companies. Girly-Girl Partea’s has been in business since 2008, before a princess party was the ‘trend’. Our parties are carefully crafted and customized to each client’s specifications. We offer a Pinterest worthy party, sure to impress all of your guests, while you sit back, relax and actually ENJOY the party! Our characters are extremely talented and meticulously trained to deliver a genuine performance. With Girly-Girl Partea’s, you won’t get a cookie cutter party or cheesy costume. Hire us, and we’ll make your party SPECTACULAR. 

What’s the difference between a party and a character visit?

We have various birthday party packages to choose from. Whether you want a fully catered, decorated and hosted princess party, tea party, spa party or just a character visit from one of our many characters, we have something for every budget.

Our “party” packages include our customized tea parties, spa parties, princess parties and other fun themes. These packages include hosted activities, decor, linens, snacks, cupcakes, beverage, etc. A team of hostesses will set up and run your party so you don’t even need to lift a finger.

A “character visit” is just the character attending your party or event. While our characters are still engaging and do provide activities based on the package selected, these visits do not include any type of decoration, food, or additional staff to run the party for you.

What do your parties include? What’s the order of events?

Our Party Packages include table and chair linens, a freestanding curtain backdrop, food selections (including cupcakes and a beverage), and hosted activities. Our staff requires one hour of set up time prior to the start of a party along with tables and chairs for your number of guests, and an indoor, climate controlled space.

After set up is complete, we’ll be ready to begin the party fun right on time with a fun engaging activity as kids are arriving. The schedule varies based on the package you select, but here is a sample run-down.

Our spa parties begin with glitter tattoos, followed by guests putting on robes and sitting down for a snack prior to beginning their facials. Next comes our spa craft and mini manicure stations. Then guests sit down at the table for snacks, Cotton Candy Mocktails and singing Happy Birthday. Our spa and tween party themes always conclude with photos on the backdrop including individuals of each guest with the birthday girl, a group photo and a family photo. Clean up takes approximately 30 minutes and many moms use that time for the birthday girl to open gifts or have free time to play with her friends.

Princess Parties run slightly different because they have a “special guest” arrival. The party begins with hair, make-up and nail stations for each little princess. Once all dolled up and ready to party, the Princess(es) of your choice knock on the door for a magical arrival. The character then sits down with the kids at the beautifully decorated table. While the kids eat snacks, the princess will read a story and discuss proper table manners. Cheers with tea cups is one of our favorite photo ops! After singing happy birthday and eating cupcakes, the character then leads the kid in a themed craft such as Dream Lanterns with Rapunzel or Treasure Friendship Bracelets with the Little Mermaid. A fun photo op is next where everyone has a chance to pose with the princess. We finish with a sweet dance along if time allows before the princess bids a fond farewell and our team begins cleaning up the party fun.

We always send a confirmation email the week of your party with a schedule of how things will flow so you are prepared for every magical minute. Please inquire for specific party themes if you wish to know the exact run down prior to booking.

What do your Character Visits include? What’s the order of events?

For our character visits, the performer parks approximately 15 minutes prior to the designated arrival time. Please do not fret if you don’t see our performers or their cars beforehand. They tend to park further away to avoid being seen and preserve the magic. 

They plan to knock on your door (or enter the venue) right ON TIME and will call ONLY if they have issues with parking or finding the party location. Once greeted at the door, they will ask for the birthday girl by name and give royal hugs to start the visit off right. Next, they’ll ask for somewhere to sit and read a story together. After story time, during our longer (60, 90 or 120 min visits) the character(s) will then complete the activities for the package booked. This might include hair, make-up, nails, Pixie Dust Wishes, craft, dance along, tattoos or games. After activities are complete, they’ll prompt you for photos taking one with each guest (starting with the birthday girl of course!), a group photo and a family photo. For our superheroes, story time is substituted with “combat class” instead.

Every visit concludes with singing happy birthday while the birthday girl blows out her candles. This makes for a magical photo op, and cake provides the easiest distraction to keep all of the children happy when it’s time for the princess to depart.

What about boys at a party?

We try to make our parties and character visits inclusive for boys and girls. When booking with us, you will be asked for a RSVP count of girls AND boys. This helps us plan and prepare to include everyone appropriately. We will typically offer tattoos for any boy guests in lieu of makeovers. Crafts and games can also be gender inclusive to ensure everyone has fun.

How do I book?

Booking is easy and fast!

  1. Click BOOK NOW and send us your party details
  2. Once we have confirmed availability, we will email you a link to submit the contract and pay the non refundable retainer.

We are typically out and about making magic at various birthdays and events (especially on weekends). Please allow at least 24-48 hours for us to respond to your booking request. All requests are handled on a first come first serve basis.

Once you have selected a date, you will be sent a link and password to access our contract. By submitting a contract, you agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS. We recommend that you read all policies prior to submitting your contract. The contract and non-refundable retainer are both due within 24 hours to secure the date. If not received within the 24 hour grace period, the date will become available to the next interested client. 

What happens after I book?

After we receive both your contract and retainer, we will email to confirm your party details and receipt of your non refundable retainer. We will be in touch again 14 days prior to your scheduled date with a final payment reminder. Payment is due 7 days prior to your scheduled party either by check or credit card (5% service fee applies).

We will send out a final confirmation email the week of your party with last minute reminders and tips for a successful party. Of course, you are always welcome to email, call or text to discuss your party and ask any questions you may have prior to your party.

Here are our office hours:
Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Please note, we use an answering service. Our staff is typically busy during office hours, prepping for upcoming parties, styling wigs, washing costumes, etc. For the quickest reply, email us or send a text message. If you would like to arrange a phone call, let us know the best number and time frame that works for you.

How far in advanced should I book?

We recommend booking as soon as possible. We’ve had parties book up to a year in advance and we’ve also had parties book a week before. We typically are NOT able to accommodate parties or visits booked with less than 7 days notice, though we will try our best to make it happen. Availability is first come, first serve. To book now, click here.

We recommend booking as soon as you have an event in mind. We typically fill our calendar 3 months in advance, so the sooner the better to ensure you get the date and time frame you want.

Do you accept last minute bookings?

If we have availability, we can accept last minute bookings. Event inquiries received within 7 days of the event date are classified as “last minute”. 

Last minute visits typically require extra work for our booking team, sometimes resulting in additional supply purchases, costume washing and wig restyling. Not to mention the additional stress of calendar accommodations and coordinating costume/supply pick up for the performer. Therefore, any last minute bookings are subject to an additional fee.

Any in-person events booked within 7 days of the event date will incur a minimum $50 fee per character. Our last minute booking fees work on a sliding scale with an increasing fee the closer to the event date. Please inquire for additional information.

Can I choose my performer?

If you have a specific performer in mind for your princess party, we will do all we can to accommodate your request. Due to high demand for certain characters and scheduling, specific performer assignments cannot be guaranteed. We have multiple cast members playing the same role. While personal schedules may prevent one specific performer from being available, we can assure you that all of our performers are extremely talented and well trained to provide a magical experience for your child and guests.

Can I request a character you don’t currently offer?

Of course! We would love to hear what you are interested in us bringing to life. Please note, we will not offer any additional mascot characters. We also take pride in our detail and authentic character portrayals, therefore, our character creation may require an additional fee.

Several of our current character offerings were made a reality because of a special request. Email us at least 30 days in advance, if you’re interested in a character we do not currently offer. Please keep in mind, additional fees may apply.

How much is the non refundable retainer?

Every reservation requires a $75 non refundable retainer to hold the date. This amount is non refundable but may be transferred to a new date if needed for rescheduling or cancellation. This fee is also deducted from your final balance due. Kindly note, there is a 5% service charge for using PayPal. Checks are not accepted for the deposit, unless you wish to pay in full.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (5% service fee applies), cash, check or money orders made payable to Girly-Girl Partea’s. The balance of the party is due seven days prior to the party date. There will be a $40.00 fee for any returned check. Please contact us regarding paying your balance or with any questions about payment.

Failure of Payment: We do not attend or host parties with balances due. Failure to pay in full prior to your party will result in cancelation and no refund will be issued.

What is the travel fee and how is it calculated?

A travel fee of $0.75 for every mile traveled (round trip) outside of 15 miles from our home base will be added to the final balance. Distance is calculated using Google Maps. We do not travel more than 50 miles from our home base for parties. However, we can make arrangements for a princess/character visit upon request.

For example, if a party is 30 miles (one way) from our home base, the calculated mileage fee would be $22.50 (60 miles total minus 30 miles equals 30 and then multiplied by $0.75). Please reach out to us for a quote if travel fees are a concern.

Do I have to tip?

Tipping is not required but is appreciated for exceptional performances. Our performers spend several hours preparing for their roles and our party staff prep throughout the week to make your party perfect. We recommend a standard 15-25% gratuity, but anything lets your performer or hostess know that you had a MAGICAL time!

You can tip cash at the end of your party (out of the sight of children or in an envelope) or we do accept tips digitally via Venmo @girlygirlparteas (please note your party date and time) -OR- added onto your PayPal invoice at time of the initial payment.

At all of our full service parties, our staff will take photos to post on our website and social media platforms. This helps us promote our business and share samples of past party themes for future clients. Occasionally during a character visit, an assistant may accompany the character (for any masked characters, swimming mermaid visits or in the event of staff training). In these instances, there may be photos taken of the performer in costume and interacting at the party.

Your child’s safety and well-being is incredibly important to us, therefore we do not share any private information such as full names, addresses or contact information. If you would prefer photos of your child (or a specific guest) NOT be shared, please let us know BEFORE your party so we can take photos of our decor/set-up only without any children.

If you would like a copy of the photos we take, you can download them from our Facebook Page or upon request we can send a link to the photos.

What am I expected to provide?


  • Space to sit for story time (for princesses) or combat class (for superheroes)
  • An Air Conditioned INDOOR space for activities. If approved upon booking to be OUTDOORS, characters must remain on a paved surface and under a covered pavilion/patio for the duration of the visit.
  • Designated place for pictures (have your camera ready!)
  • If booking a 60, 90 or 120 min visit, having a table area to assist with activities will be needed.
  • All necessary items for happy birthday (cake, candle, lighter, etc)


  • Tables and chairs for your number of guests plus any characters attending
  • Space for our photo backdrop (approximately 6 feet wide)
  • Gathering space and additional food for any parents or other adult guests if you plan for them to stay
  • Use of CLEAN kitchen and sink
  • A smoke free environment
  • Parking near entrance for loading and unloading
  • Your presence is required at the party at all times

Do you work with charities, non-profits and volunteer organizations?

Yes we love giving back and making a difference in our community! We occasionally offer free visits for local charities, schools, volunteer based events and families in need. If you would like to submit a request, please reach out via

What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

Overall, we want to work with you to have a magical experience. We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and we want to do our best to accommodate possible issues, however, we also need to efficiently plan for our performers and staff.

Rescheduling due to emergency or illness: The client may reschedule their event for 1 time to a new date within 60 days without resulting in a rescheduling fee of 20% of the total. Subject to availability. If you decide to cancel your party for any reason, the booking retainer is non-refundable.

Final payment is due 7 days prior to the party date. Cancellations or rescheduling within 72 hours of the event and due to any other reason beyond emergency or illness including inclement weather without having an alternative, safe, indoor rain location chosen will result in no refund. 

We always put the safety of guests and performers first and will work with bookings for rescheduling options in the case of severe weather (such as a named Hurricane causing mandatory evacuations). Changes will be accommodated based on availability. In the case of severe weather or major unforeseen circumstances such as performer illness, Girly-Girl Partea’s reserves the right to reschedule or cancel your appearance. In this case, a refund in full would be made. Exceptions under extreme circumstances are up to the discretion of Girly-Girl Partea’s management. All booking retainers are non-refundable.

Do you offer professional spa services?

Girly-Girl Partea’s strives to provide a quality, authentic experience for your party, however, we do not claim to be ‘professionals’ in the field of cosmetics. Spa services are not performed by licensed cosmetologists and are for entertainment purposes only.

We offer “mini” manicures that do not include cutting or filing and does not resemble the work of a trained and licensed nail technician. Facials consist of packaged facial product and sliced cucumbers. Our spa services are simple and ‘fun’ for kids only. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our policies.

Do you just do kids parties?

Of course not! We can provide Girly-Girl fun for various parties and events, with guests of all ages. We are available for grand openings, community events, school outings and more! Girly-Girl Partea’s is also available for clinics, hospitals, daycares and charity events, often at discounted rates, sometimes even on a volunteer basis (depending on the event and the activities involved).

Our party planning services are also available for all types of girly-girl functions including bridal showers, baby showers, tea parties, adult birthday parties and more.

What if my daughter or one of the guests has an allergy?

It is the responsibility of the client to check with party guests for specific food allergies. Should any of your guests have severe food allergies, we suggest that either you or the child’s parent provide an alternate menu for that child. It is also the responsibility of the client to check with guests for skin allergies or sensitivities. This is in regard to the make-up/glitter and our spa parties.

Why don’t you offer “Disney” princesses?

Simply put, we do not offer “Disney” princesses because we are not “Disney”. Our characters come from the classic fairy tales. It is not our intention to violate copyright laws, so we make our performing characters different from nationally known, copyrighted characters using custom designed gowns, jewelry, and wig/hairstyles of our own creation.

Girly-Girl Partea’s is not affiliated with Disney in any way and does not distribute, sell, or wear any Disney products. Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character or product at your princess party, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specifically requested character.

We kindly ask that any corporate partners avoid sharing copyrighted images in promotion with our services and that any clients do not refer to our characters with copyrighted names.

Can you provide proof of insurance?

Yes, upon request, we can provide proof of insurance for your event. Some venues require a “certificate of insurance” from vendors. If your venue needs their location to be listed as “additional insured” then an additional $50 fee will be charged for your event. The turn around for an “additional insured” document from our insurance company takes 2-3 business days.

How can I work for your company?

We are always seeking talented performers and kind hostesses to join our team. In interested in working for us, please fill out an application.

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