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Best Little Mermaid for Hire in Florida

Invite our incredible Little Mermaid Princess to your next birthday party or event for some guaranteed splash splash fun!  We are the leading party planner and character entertainer in North Florida, serving Jacksonville, Southern GeorgiaSt Augustine and Palm Coast. Our Little Mermaid will entertain your guests with interactive story time and one-on-one photos with each guest. Learn more about her ocean adventures and listen about life under the sea!  60 and 90 min visits also include your choice of mini manicures, make-up, hair styling, character themed glittery tattoos, an interactive sing and dance along or themed princess party craft. She will even help your princess blow out her candles and make a wish before making her way back to the sea. Click the “book now” tab to get started!

A Danish tale originally written as a ballet and then published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837, The Little Mermaid has a great passion for discovery and adventure. She is energetic, fun-loving, and outgoing, which makes her fun to be around. You can invite the Little Mermaid to your next party or event and hear all about her fish friends and her love of the ocean. She is available in her green sequin skirt and purple shell top as pictured above or in her teal ballgown or town dress, as pictured below. During the summer months, you can invite our SWIMMING MERMAIDS to your pool party for some underwater fun!

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