Motorists began circling, looking for any possible spot where they might be able to fit. When it was obvious that there was absolutely nowhere else to park, they went next door. Then across the street. Then blocks away at a nearby grocery store.

This last-minute event turned out to be the coolest thing in town. Perfect for something inspired by the Disney film “Frozen.”

Anne Crawford, the youth services librarian with the Ponte Vedra Beach branch library, couldn’t believe it.

“We pulled this together in under a month and we were just blown away by the response,” she said.

Moms, dads and hundreds of kids — more than 900 in all — packed the library for a chance to get a picture with the Snow Queen and Snow Princess, modeled after the “Frozen” characters.

Crawford has a 3-year-old, so she knew the characters would be popular. But the line out the door surprised her; she was told at least one parent drove two hours for a chance to meet the fictional sisters of the animated blockbuster who discover what true love really is.

“It was a landmark event for me and the library system since I’ve been here,” Crawford said.

Even though the film has left theaters and is now on cable and DVD, its popularity has shown no signs of cooling.

Crawford said everything the library has that’s related to “Frozen” is checked out. There are 15 titles with multiple copies of everything ranging from board books and picture books to CDs. And they can’t keep them on the shelf.

Girly Girl Partea’s, the company that provided the Snow Sister characters inspired by “Frozen,” has been staying busy with parents seeking out the characters for birthday parties.


Crawford said it’s the story. “Frozen” is unlike other Disney movies. Spoiler alert: Prince Charming is anything but. And, in the end, when it comes to true love, what better love is there than that of family?

“I think it’s just a really special story,” Crawford said. “I think it’s such a strong message. Girls can be powerful, brave and love each other and do everything in their power to protect one another. Great message.”