Swimming Mermaid Party

This customized princess visit was created for a special weekday visit in Palencia. No birthday, just for fun! Our swimming mermaid arrived in her pink ballgown to meet and greet the guests and posed for photos while combing the girls hair with her “dinglehopper” (or what the kids called a fork).

While the guests went out front for a group picture, our mermaid made her magical transformation into her mermaid tail and was waiting in the pool when the kids returned. They read a story together, played fun games with prizes from the mermaid’s treasure chest and all received a mermaid tattoo.

The mermaid posed for individual photos with each kids on the beautiful rock wall and then swam with the kids in the water and showed off her sparkling emerald green tail. The party concluded as the kids were again directed to the front of the house for more pictures as the mermaid made a swift and carefully devised exit to avoid spoiling any of the mermaid magic! To book your own mermaid visit, contact us today. Our swimming mermaid is a seasonal character so don’t miss out on this summer fun while it’s available.

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