Easy Princess Party Ideas inspired by Princess & The Frog

Each month, we’re featuring a popular princess character and sharing ideas for making a perfectly themed birthday party. This month, we are spotlighting The Princess and The Frog. If you’re planning a Tiana birthday party, check out these fun and easy ideas to make it SPECTACULAR!

Princess & The Frog Party Ideas, Recipes and Activities

Invitations & Party Decor

Invitations are the first impression your guests have of your party, so it’s a great opportunity to set the tone for your party. These invites on Etsy are so cute! Making lip-shaped kiss invites is a another fun way for your child to help and add a personal touch.

A Mardi Gras theme is great inspiration for party decor. Purple, green and gold decor can be found at the Dollar Tree and added to give your party a true Louisiana feel. Another great idea is to incorporate natural elements such as sliced wood pieces (found in the wood section at craft stores), moss or faux flowers to give an enchanted forest feel.

Princess & The Frog Party Food Ideas

For beverages,  “Swamp Sippers” or “Bayou Beverage” are cute names for whatever drink concoctions you can make. Green Hawaiian Punch mixed with lemonade or Sprite and some lime sherbet makes a delicious punch. “Bug Juice” also perfectly fits the swamp theme. Alternatively, making Swamp Water with filtered water and sliced lime would be beautiful displayed in a glass serving fountain.

Tiana Inspired Birthday Party Activities

Once you’ve invited your guests, planned the party decor and finalized your menu of food, it’s time to focus on activities for the party. Here are several fun ideas to get you started!

Party Entertainment

Lastly, it’s simply not a party without entertainment! A magician makes a great addition to a fairytale party. Perhaps a Tarot Card reader or Fortune Teller would also be perfect for this theme too. Inviting a Princess is always a magical experience or perhaps a video call or virtual party would make the perfect addition to your party.

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