One of the most beloved stories from the Brothers Grimm in 1698 is the story of a young girl left in the care of her evil step-mother and step-sisters after her father dies. Forced to be a servant in her own home, Cinderella never loses her gift of kindness. With the help of her fairy godmother and a pair of glass slippers, Cinderella attends a royal ball where she wins the heart of the handsome Prince Charming and lives Happily Ever After!

Cinderella has a positively cheerful and sunny attitude no matter the circumstances. She is always hopeful of good things to come and is extremely patient and endlessly kind. Invite Cinderella in her beautiful blue ballgown and glass slippers to your next event for a truly magical experience! Play ‘find the glass slipper’ game, make take-home tiaras, sing and dance along to princess songs or have mini-manicures by Cinderella herself! Choose from our Classic or Transformed look.

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